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Product label Magento extension gives you possibility to Creating labels for your sales or new products is really easy. Use either default extension labels or uploading your own and create custom message with dynamic generated values. Say your customers how much they will save with your special deals or notify them about low stock products. Attracting customer’s attention to featured products and special offers is easiest way to increase sales and improve inventory management. Highlight On sale product , new product , and various discount offers label in product.

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  • Un-limited number of Product labels
    • Backend allows admin to upload various product labels for category page and product page.
    • You can also use multiple product label for category and product page.
    • Also add product label fron individual product information tab.
  • Choose label position
    • You can place magento labels in the following positions: bottom-left, bottom-center, and bottom-right, middle-left, middle-center, middle-right, top-left, top-center, top-right.
  • Use different images and text for category and product pages
    • The size of product images on product pages is bigger than on category and search results pages. So feel free to use smaller badges and shorter texts on category and search results pages, and bigger images and longer texts on product pages. For labels you can upload both your own images and the ones provided with the extension. You can apply your own styles as well.
  • Choose date for display of labels
    • You can also set product label starting date and Ending date .You can specify in between date which label should display.
  • You can check how many product have assigned product label from admin
    • You can also check how many products have assigned one label in admin label grid.
    • You can assign from label grid also and product grid also.

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